Implement the Policy

Checklist on Implementation

Download or print this checklist for the steps you'll need for implementing your smoke-free policy.

Update Your Lease Agreement

Include a provision in your lease, or write a lease addendum. Below, you can read a sample lease addendum, created especially for North Carolina housing professionals. Have new and existing residents sign the new policy.

Note: MS Word files may require you to right-click and select "Save as" to download.

Post “No Smoking” Signs

Let residents and visitors know that they are entering a smoke-free area. Large, clear signs will prevent confusion. Put up signs up in your rental office, common areas, and inside/outside residential buildings. Feel free to download and print our signs to post around your property.

Support Smokers Who Want to Quit

When smoke-free policies go into effect, it is likely that some people will try to quit smoking. There are many options to help smokers quit: email and phone counseling, support groups, nicotine replacement therapy and medication.North Carolina's Quitline is available 24/7 at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Also, your local health department may be able to provide materials and assistance to educate residents.

Be Prepared to Talk to the Media About Your New Policy

Have your talking points ready. Talk about past negative experiences you have had with smoking at this property, such as the impact secondhand smoke has had on non-smoking residents' health or smoking-related fires you may have suffered. Know which residents are supportive of the policy and ask if they would mind sharing their stories if a reporter calls. Consider sending out a press release announcing your new policy and the reasons you are implementing it.


NCDHHS, Division of Public Health