Property Managers Overview

Implementing a smoke-free policy offers many benefits for landlords. Non-smoking apartments attract residents, turnover quickly, as well as having lower maintenance costs, reduced fire risks, and lower legal liability. More and more landlords are moving towards smoke-free policies across the country.

On this website, you will find resources you can use to implement and enforce a smoke-free policy. Hear about other property managers that have successfully taken their properties smoke-free. Learn about the benefits of smoke-free policies and common misconceptions. Request technical assistance from your Regional Tobacco Control Manager. Get the documents that you need for notices to residents and sample lease agreements. Read tips that will make it easier to enforce your new policies. Finally, download and print signs to advertise your smoke-free policies to new and existing residents.

We appreciate your interest in smoke-free multi-unit housing and we hope that you will be a smoke-free leader in North Carolina.

Video for Property Owners/Managers/Housing Authorities

Click to view a video featuring Ned Fowler, executive director of the Northwest Regional Housing Authority (NWRHA), discussing the process of taking all of their properties smoke-free.

NCDHHS, Division of Public Health